Sometimes when it goes wrong, it goes horribly wrong. Such was the case when a hunter was almost killed by the buck deer he had just harvested.

Indiana Conservation Officers are still investigating an off-road vehicle accident resulting in the operator being airlifted with serious injuries.

On Nov. 16 around 2 p.m., responders were dispatched to the 11000 block of South Fork Road in Dillsboro, regarding a hunter who was involved in an ATV rollover accident.

Sixty-three year old Earl Hagy of Dillsboro was airlifted from the scene and flown to the University of Cincinnati Hospital in stable condition.

Hagy was retrieving a harvested antlered deer from the bottom of a steep incline where he had been hunting. After securing the deer to the rear of an off-road vehicle, Hagy attempted to navigate back up the steep incline; but the ORV rolled over backwards, throwing him from the vehicle.

As a result of the accident, Hagy was impaled in the right side of his torso by the antlers of the deer.

Responding agencies include Indiana Conservation Officers, Ohio County Sheriff’s Department, Rising Sun Police Department, Bear Branch Fire Department and Rising Sun EMS.

NRC Accepts Preliminary Adoption Of Hunting Changes

The Natural Resources Commission on Nov. 17 during its bi-monthly meeting accepted preliminary adoption of amendments to 312 IAC 9 related to hunting deer and wild turkeys.

Granting preliminary adoption starts a long and deliberative process, including a public comment period with the ability to participate in public hearings conducted by the NRC’s Division of Hearings.

The amendments granted preliminary adoption include allowing hunters the option of using a 28-, 16-, or 10-gauge shotgun and .410 shotguns to hunt wild turkeys, in addition to having the option of using other equipment already legal in the spring and fall turkey season, as well as adding the #9 tungsten super shot. Additionally, it removes the restriction requiring the powder used in muzzleloaders for deer hunting to be loaded only from the muzzle end of the muzzleloader.

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