GREENSBURG — The North Decatur and Greensburg golfers were ready to go.

Around 20 golfers between North Decatur and Greensburg were prepared to take on all other area teams and assert their dominance.

Coaches Bryce Mize and David Espinda both spoke about what they have going on with their teams and what they have advised their golfers to do during this time period of uncertainty.

“Luckily golf is a game that can be easily enjoyed in solitude,” Pirates head coach Mike said. “I’m telling my players to go play any chance they can, but obviously to remain cautious in doing so.”

Espinda also has advised his golfers to continue working on their game, but carefully.

“They are still able to go to North Branch and play as long as they follow the rules of social distancing, walk the course, not touch the pins, etc.,” Espinda said. “I was looking forward to this season as well as they were since we returned five starters and losing the MHC last year by two strokes. I’m encouraging them to stay focused and get outside and do little things because I believe we will get some sort of sport season in. I really think we will place well in sectional, when we have it.”

Espinda, expecting a great season from his returning golfers and incoming freshman Carson Parmer, has also set up a challenge for his team.

“Starting Wednesday, we are having players video themselves completing various shot challenges with their putters and wedges in which they have to video themselves completing each challenge.”

Both are speaking with their golfers frequently as the teams still hope for a season.

Espinda explained that for now, the plan is for a season that involves an MHC outing and then the sectional tournament.

Mize closed with some final words that he has been offering his golfers in terms of keeping the community in mind.

“I’m reminding them that they need to do their part in staying healthy, so our community doesn’t suffer,” Mize said. “Safe habits need to be instilled in our youth. Even though it may be hard for them to see due to the virus not attacking younger people, it’s so important for everyone to do their job to keep everyone else healthy.”

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