While most of the country was perched on social media last week, squabbling about shoe designs and mermaid casting, the United States Women’s National Team went out and backed up its talk with a dominant run to the World Cup championship.

It was the Americans’ fourth title, which is double what their nearest competitor has.

They were brash, they celebrated, they were cocky and they were arrogant.

And in every way, they were both perfect representatives of this country and exactly what the country needs.

Something we can all get behind.

I remember well the “Miracle on Ice” 1980 U.S. hockey team that stunned the Soviet Union in the medal round at the Lake Placid Winter Olympics. They then went on to defeat Finland for the gold medal, but everyone remembers the win over the U.S.S.R. as a much more significant accomplishment.

For starters, the American team was comprised of a bunch of college kids who had no business being on the ice with a squad of Russian professionals. The Americans had been playing together for just a few months while the Soviet players had been together for years. In fact, just weeks earlier, the Russians had trounced the Americans 10-3 in an exhibition game in New York City.

The Americans’ upset win over the Soviets was set against the backdrop of a dark period in U.S. and Soviet relations. The Russians had invaded Afghanistan, a move that prompted President Jimmy Carter to boycott the summer games later that year in Moscow.

At the same time, the American embassy in Tehran had been overrun and 52 workers there taken hostage in November 1979. That became our nightly news viewing for 444 days until they were released in January 1981, a crisis that, combined with a poor economy and the Russian army seemingly doing whatever it wanted, had the collective mood in this country at a very low point.

Enter the U.S. Hockey team that captured our collective imagination and skated into history with arguably the greatest upset in the history of sports.

It was what we needed, when we needed it.

Now, what the USWNT did was hardly an upset. It was expected to win the whole thing and carried itself that way, talking the talk and walking the walk.

Several players publicly stated they would refuse an invitation to the White House, including the player of the tournament, Megan Rapinoe, whose months old statement was cast into new light recently. They received public scorn over this stance with shouts of “You have to win it first!”

Check that box.

Is there anything more American than saying we’re going to do something big and getting it done?

I feel the mood in this country is similar to February 1980, but the trouble seems to be coming more from within than without.

The left hates the right, the right hates the left and there never seems to be any middle ground anymore, something that will eventually drag us all down.

Getting behind this team should have been easy to do for everyone, regardless of political stance.

But there are those who couldn’t, or wouldn’t, do it.

To some, it has become unforgivable to have political beliefs that are in contrast to the stances of the President.

These women represented the country and did it well.

They brought home the World Cup.

They won in bad-a** fashion.

And what is more American than that?