For the junior high girls (front) Heather Hayden (seventh-grade free throw percentage); Jazmine Duvall (seventh-grade most improved); Katelin Schomber (seventh-grade mental attitude); Kadi Closser (eighth-grade free throw percentage); Kelly Schwering (eighth-grade mental attitude). Not pictured: Crystal Koors (eighth-grade most improved).

For the high school Lady Chargers (front) Rachel Hawkins (varsity mental attitude); Hannah Gauck (varsity free throw percentage); Hillary Wenning (varsity field goal percentage, varsity outstanding defensive player, varsity most rebounds, varsity most assists and varsity MVP); (back) Jill Hammersmith (junior varsity free throw percentage); Jessica Heger (junior varsity mental attitude); Hayley Hayden (junior varsity most improved), Katie Gahimer (varsity most improved).

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