Hello everybody! This is Jim Ephlin, from the Rushville Bowl, where all the action is. I say that all the time not knowing what will happen on a given league night.

On the night of Aug. 31, that is exactly what happen. For on that night we had two different bowlers roll perfect games. On game #1 that night, Mike Lunsford started out very strong just crushing the pocket. He put all 10 pins in the pit 9 consecutive frames. Remember this was only the fourth game he had ever rolled at Rushville Bowl.

As usual when he stepped up for the 10th frame you could hear a pin drop. Mike didn’t disappoint as he continued and dropped all 10 pins in the pit three more times for the first 300 of the 20-21 season. Amazingly that was Mike’s 70th perfect game, give or take in his career.

The whole place was abuzz for a while and then we noticed James Isaac had the first 8 in a row to start game # 2. James stepped up in the 10th frame like a man on a mission.

Jim has been one of our premier bowlers for a long time but it had been about six years since he had turned in a honor score. When James got #10 you could tell the crowd was solidly behind him. Number 11 looked a little wide and even Jim thought it would not get there, but the bowling gods smiled and they all fell down. It was the break Jim needed and his 12th delivery was money and all of a sudden he had his 8th perfect game. You can see videos of both achievements by going to www.RushvilleBowl.com.

Three nights later it was here we go again as Bryon Komlanc got the crowd’s attention. Bowling for State Farm, after a 183 start Bryon found something and entered the 10th looking for his first career 300 game. Looking like a veteran he calmly rolled the 10th and 11th strikes like a pro. He took his time but #12 went left off his hand to get 9 pins for a 299.

Final game was a 213 for a beautiful 696 series.

The above stories were about outstanding game performances, but I have a series story to share. Howard Storms Jr. is now in his 5th year of league play and on Thursday, Sept. 10, recorded his first career 700 series. Howard has gotten off to a strong start this year and that night went 243 – 266 – 198 for his first 700 at 707.

I bring it up one more time to remind all league bowlers that new rules make weight holes in balls non-compliant. It is an easy fix we can do here so check your equipment.

The Monday Trio league is getting ready to fire up and we definitely would like to find some people to join us. It is 3-people per team which can be all men, all ladies or mixed. We have a 9:15 p.m. start time which is why we only put 3 on a team.

It’s a fun league with the Monday Night NFL game usually shown on the monitors. Also it’s the only league we have that has team points as well as individual points. It is a shorter league then the prime time leagues so it ends in early March. Individuals or full teams can call me or email me at Rushville Bowl at 765-561-7573 or mrbowling1@frontier.com.

See you next week.

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