Hello bowlers! This is Jim Ephlin, at the Rushville Bowl, where all the action is. In this Covid-19 world we are living in many things have been cancelled or delayed. Among those were last year’s league awards.

This past week the Rush County USBC presented those awards to the deserving bowlers. The Harold and Carol Clemons award was presented to Chuck Mobley and Crystal Jacobs. The senior player of the Year was presented to Ken Howard for the men and Gini Whittaker on the ladies side. The most prestigious award is the Player of the Year. For the ladies it was Amanda Nigh and for the men, Blair Webster.

The high school bowling team finished third in the Mid Indiana Conference, bringing on the state tournament. Like many sports you can advance individually or as a team in the tournament. The sectional singles were held on Feb. 3 at Legend Lanes in Richmond. There were 62 competitors trying to win one of the nine advancing spots to the regional.

It was a tough, low-scoring affair as there were only four games bowled above 200 during Game 1. When the dust settled we advanced one bowler to the regional. Michael Agnello rolled a 559 series (186 average) to grab the ninth and final spot.

The team advanced during competition Saturday. Congratulations bowlers, especially our four seniors: Austin Howard, Max Disney, Anderson Frazier and Alex Wainwright.

Congratulations to Doug Tompkins, winner of the second phase of the Scratch Clash of Champions. In this tournament bowlers bowl nine games and use their best three trying to be a phase winner. Doug’s first three games were 193, 186, 149. That‘s the beauty of this tournament! None of those games counted. In his next six, his best three equaled 749 and that was top score.

At the end we will have the five phase winners and the top three scores that did not win a phase advance. Currently, the top three bowlers whose scores didn’t win a phase are Scott Carpenter, Mike Lumford and Ken Howard.

City championships are coming up, so go to www.RushvilleBowl.com to see up to date standings. Good luck to everyone!

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