Local GES archer leads state at nationals

Contributed PhotoBryson Abplanalp during the Nationals competition at the Expo Hall in Louisville, Kentucky.

GREENSBURG — Local fifth grader Bryson Abplanalp made waves all the way at the national level recently in archery.

The Greensburg Elementary student went to the National Championship in Louisville, Kentucky from May 9-11 and placed 299th out of 7,837 total male participants with a score of 285.

Abplanalp’s 285 score placed his seventh in the nation among all elementary level boys, sixth among all fifth place boys and first place among all male participants in Indiana.

With help from two coaches, Eric Blodgett and Bryan Taylor, Abplanalp fell in love with the sport quickly and found success.

His success does not stop with his athletic feats. Abplanalp’s work in the classroom did not go unnoticed by the NASP as well.

Based on the results of the National Tournament’s 19,788 registered archers, Abplanalp was named an All-American Academic Team member.

With the awards and recognition behind him, Abplanalp will now continue working for with practice at local company Cutting Edge Sporting Goods in preparation for the Championship Tournament in July.

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