Jim Ephlin

Hello everybody! This is Jim Ephlin, at the Rushville Bowl, where all the action is. When the fall season gets here, there will be even more action if you are using a bowling ball with a balance hole.

The new balance hole rule will take effect on Aug. 1, 2020. On that date and after, all balls must conform to the new rule.

Key points of the new rule are as follows: 1) if there is any hole on any ball; it must be used for gripping purposes on every shot thrown with that ball. This does not include “vent “holes which can be used on any hole. 2) The new balance rules for balls are that a ball may be out of balance in any direction (side to side, front to back or top to bottom) by no more than 3 ounces. 3) If you are throwing no thumb, you CANNOT have a thumbhole to use for instance when you want the ball to go straighter such as a spare shot.

Plugging the current balance hole on a ball with one will most likely NOT make the ball come out of compliance because the “new” rule gives more latitude in these variances.

Balls drilled without a thumb should be marked as to the “orientation” of the grip.

It has been decided we will run one summer league here at Rushville Bowl. The popular 9 Pin No Tap will be the format we use. The league will start Thursday, July 2, and run only 6 sessions finishing on Aug. 6. In this format you are given credit for a strike when you knock down all the pins OR just 9 of them. Teams will be made up of 4 players per team any gender. The league shall have a weekly fee of $12 and start at 7 p.m.

Interested individuals or teams should call Rushville Bowl at either 765-932-5389 or 765-561-7573.

For those that enjoy watching the professional bowlers, there was a major announcement made the last couple of days. They are going to include 2 new teams in the PBA Elias Cup series. The teams will be made up solely of women and increase the number of teams to 12. The event is held at Bayside Bowl in Portland, Maine. If you have watched this before, it is a free for all as spectators are encouraged to scream, wave signs, dress up and basically go nuts and the pros love it.

See you next time and keep striking!!!

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