RUSHVILLE – Hello bowling fans! This is Jim Ephlin, at the Rushville Bowl, where all the action is. Lately, the action has been on the last Sunday of the month here at Rushville Bowl.

On Sunday, Dec. 27, we ran the third Dougie T No Tap tournament of the season. Each one has been more successful than the last one. In this most recent, we turned away approximately 20 bowlers we did not have room for due to Covid building capacity restrictions. That list included many of our hometown bowlers, friends we hadn’t seen in years and one player who drove an hour and a half. We want to say again we were truly glad of the turnout, but so disappointed we couldn’t let everyone participate.

If you weren’t aware, this tournament is run by Doug Tompkins who donates his time and equipment and is a fundraiser. Of every entry $5 goes to the end of the year Shootout tournament. This tournament is available to all of our members that didn’t participate in the King or Queen of the Hill tournaments. Some of those bowlers can still enter if they meet certain criteria.

With the three tournaments Doug has raised more than $500 to add to the prize fund of the Shootout. If you add in the entry fees, sponsors money and 50/50 money, I assume we will have a prize list topping $1,000.

In this most recent edition, the story was Scott Carpenter. In the three-game qualifier, Scott finished in 24th place. That happens to be the last spot that makes the cut. Scott won his next five matches in a row to win the title and top cash prize.

As of this writing, we haven’t confirmed the date for the next event. There was a problem with Jan. 31, so a new date will be announced in the near future.

Speaking of the future, we have our dates set for the Indiana State Seniors bowling tournament. This year we go to Bloomington to Classic Lanes. The date is Sunday, May 2, at 2:30 p.m.

In the tournament, you bowl four games and use your best three for your score. Bowlers are placed in divisions based on age and sex. You can reserve your spot next time you are out to the center as we have a signup sheet available.

I’m happy to report the Tuesday Ladies Recreation league had their holiday dinner on Tuesday, Dec. 29. As with all events now days, there were some changes to make it safe. We did not have the traditional pitch-in as each team brought their own meal and ate in small groups around the center.

Also, we asked bowlers to bring a donation to the Rushville Animal Shelter and like always the ladies came through. There was lots of dog food, collars, blankets and toys. I’m sure we made some happy clients down at the Shelter. Thank you to Ann Moster, Benda Cain, Jessica Vaughn and Margaret Liggett for organizing this event.

The youth league continues to bowl on Saturday mornings with three more sessions to bowl. We have 32 players ranging from second grade through sixth grade. In our last three weeks, we plan a doubles event, a trio event and then a final day fun day.

Congratulations to Justin Howard, winner of the first phase of the Scratch Clash of Champions. In this tournament bowlers get to bowl nine games and use their best three trying to be a phase winner. The remarkable thing about Justin’s win was he missed a week so he only got to use his best three out of six. That was enough to get the job done. At the end, we will have the five phase winners and the three top scores that did not win a phase compete in the finals. Results will be coming.

See you next time and BE SAFE!!

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