Jim Ephlin

Hello bowling fans! This is Jim Ephlin, from the Rushville Bowl where all the action is. The action is about to take place in the form of youth leagues. The Rushville Bowl along with the Rush County Bowling Association will be promoting youth bowling leagues starting Nov. 21.

On Saturdays starting at noon, the Junior Leagues will be on the lanes. This would be for bowlers 5 years of age up to and including 6th graders. The league will play for 8 weeks finishing up on Jan. 23. Cost is $6 per session and includes two games of bowling and all equipment needed. You can sign up as an individual or as part of a team. Just go to www.RushvilleBowl.com for more info and to register.

Sundays at 1 p.m. is the league for bowlers 7th grade up to and including 12th grade. This group will bowl three games and will have chance to compete in Rushville City Youth Championships and State tournaments. A 10-week schedule is planned at a cost of $8 per session. www.RushvilleBowl.com is the place to go to get signed up.

Speaking of leagues, the adult leagues are approximately one third over so I thought I would recap them.

The Monday Classic is being led by 5 Everytime made up of Keevan Vonderheide, Ricky Thompson, Ken Howard, Mike Lunsford and Lou Howard. Mike Lunsford is top average bowler in the league with a very nice 234.9. Best games of the year belong to Mike Lunsford and James Isaac with perfect 300 games. Top series goes to Blair Webster at 780.

On Tuesday nights the Ladies Recreation league is on the lanes. They divide their season into 3 splits so a team has 3 chances to win one of the splits. Final night of the year has these teams bowling for the season championship. Team #6 won the first split. Team consist of Donna Adams, daughter Sarah Leising, Ange Turner and Ruthanne Weatherly. Amanda Nigh is currently top average bowler with a 202 average. She also has rolled best game at 269. Misty Brickles currently sits as top series with 568.

The Wednesday Night Pacesetter league is being led by Off the Sheet. The team is made up of Roger Miller, Chad Younts, Aaron Allsman, Kirk Foreman and Jeff Johnson. Roger is also top bowler in league currently with a 210 average. Jeff Johnson has best Man SS (756) while Don Griffith has top SG (290). On ladies side, it’s SS (612) Cindy Smith and Misty Brickles has SG (226).

Our leaders in the Thursday Night Industrial League is Team #1 consisting of Blair Webster, Robert Jacobs, Scott Carpenter, Lou Howard and Doug Tompkins. Lou is rolling best average at 227 per game. He also owns top SS at (765). Top game of the year belongs to Bryon Komlanc at 299.

Don‘t forget the next Dougie T No Tap tournament is scheduled for Sunday, Nov. 29 at 1 p.m. Thirty bowlers last month maybe more this time?

See you next week.

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