North Decatur’s third grade boys basketball team finished its first season with a record of 7-4 and a third place finish in league play behind New Castle and Connersville. The Chargers made the semifinals of the league tournament by beating Winchester 37-35 in the opening game. The Chargers were led by Andrew Hocker with 20 points, followed by Jacob Flashpohler six, Dayne Lecher six and Evan Wallpe five. The Chargers then lost a close game to Connersville 31-25. Scoring for the Chargers were Andrew Hocker nine, Jacob Flashpohler eight and Dayne Lecher eight. Team members included (front) Luke Badgley, Andrew Hocker, Donovan Meyer, Derek Hocker; (back) Evan Wallpe, Jacob Flashpohler, Dayne Lecher and Devon Bayless.

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