GREENSBURG — After 17 years, Kyle Nobbe is stepping down as head coach of the North Decatur basketball program.

In late April, Nobbe turned in his resignation from the position.

“I have always been told that I would know when the time was right to step away,” Nobbe said. “I know that time is now and I’m 100 percent positive I have made the right decision. I believe it is the right time for not only myself, but also for my family. High school athletics, especially basketball, is more and more a 365 day job. If you want to do it right and the right way it takes an inordinate amount of time and commitment.”

Nobbe continued by saying this is about his family and spending more time enjoying them.

“It has been a family decision since day one to embark on this journey,” Nobbe said. “The time, expectations, involvement affects not only myself, but also my family. My oldest son Trey will be heading off to college and my youngest Lance will be a sophomore and I am looking forward to being a Dad and fan in the stands on game night. I am looking forward to that role.”

The 17 year run from Nobbe began with him taking over for then head coach Gary Cook, whom the court at North Decatur was named for during the 2019-20 season.

“I was extremely fortunate to have learned under Gary Cook,” Nobbe said. “He has always been a tremendous mentor for me and taught me what the meaning of being a ‘coach’ is all about.”

Cook shared his thoughts on the job Nobbe did over the past 17 years.

“North Decatur has been very fortunate over the last 17 years, to have Kyle Nobbe as their boys varsity basketball coach,” Cook said. “His ability to get kids to work hard, play as a team and strive for excellence, have all been part of North Decatur’s consistent success. He has established a great foundation for the program, which will continue for many years to come.”

Also sharing their appreciation for Nobbe’s commitment to the athletic department and North Decatur as a whole were athletic director Scott Johnson and principal Debbie Reynolds.

“I have had the pleasure of working with and watching Kyle Nobbe coach for the past 15 years 13 of which I was his bus driver for all away Charger games and the last of which I served as his athletic director,” North Decatur Athletic Director Scott Johnson said. “Two things come to mind when I think of Kyle as a basketball coach — a passion/love for the game of basketball and a desire to help to produce outstanding young men. Yes, Kyle always wanted to win, but his main objective was to instill a sense of leadership, pride, dedication, and respect in his players that will benefit them not only during their high school playing days, but for their entire lives. We were lucky to have Kyle at the head of our Charger Basketball program for 17 years. I spoke with a coach from our conference right after Kyle stepped down and he told me that he never looked forward to playing a Kyle Nobbe coached team because he knew they were going to be well prepared and hard-nosed – basically always very tough to beat. On a personal note I’m glad that he will still be teaching at North Decatur (and coaching cross country) because I ask him for advice quite often. He is definitely a valuable asset to our school.”

North Decatur basketball is going to miss Coach Nobbe,” Reynolds said. “Kyle ran a well run program where high expectations and respect were the norm. I am thankful that Kyle will stay on as a teacher. He goes above and beyond on a daily basis to support the students, staff, and Administration.”

Nobbe’s abilities as a head coach led to many big moments over the course of his tenture.

“There have been a lot of great moments and victories as the head coach,” Nobbe said. “Many memories come to mind such as my first victory in game one against Greensburg in 2003, our first Sectional championship and Elite 8 appearance in 2005 – — winning Sectional in 12 and 16. However, my favorite moment was from this past season against Southwestern (Shelby). I not only had the privilege of celebrating Senior night with my son Trey, but was also able to enjoy my youngest son Lance and his JV team win conference that night as well. I also was able to record my 200th victory that night. However, what made it my favorite was doing it with my two boys, wife and immediate family. I could have not asked for a more rewarding moment than that.”

Nobbe explains as he steps away, leaving the Chargers program looking for just its third head coach in many decades, what he will miss most about being the head coach of the Chargers.

“What I will miss most about the job are the relationships with the players and coaches,” Nobbe said. “I have been very lucky to have had Dan Jordan, Ryan Brattain and PJ Metz as my JV coaches. They have all played integral parts in shaping me as a coach and developing our program. I will miss the practices, game nights and X’s and O’s, but you can never replace sharing the experiences with the players and coaches.”

“I want to thank our entire community for the support they have always shown me and our program,” Nobbe said. “I was proud of the teams and program that represented our school and community and hope they were proud in return. I hope we were able to take our program to higher level on and off the court.”

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