As we climbed out of the truck, I heard the jungle like call of Woodrow resonating across the backyard. I told my wife, “I better get a couple suet blocks out or Woodrow may start tearing things up again.” The loud, “CUK, CUK, CUK, CUK, WUK, WUK, WUK, WUK” is unmistakable as the call sounds like a bird in a Tarzan movie. To spur me on, I heard Woodrow start drumming on a hollow dead tree. He may be ready to carry out another attack!

The last time I let the suet cakes run out and the wire holders were empty for a couple of days, Woodrow decided maybe our wood deck might be a source of tasty morsels. Not finding the deck wood to his liking after ripping up some of the railing, he attacked and drilled some large holes in our wooden bench. We were being held hostage and being blackmailed for suet cakes by a bird!

If you are wondering who Woodrow is… he’s our resident male Pileated Woodpecker. Looking for all like the beloved cartoon character, “Woody The Woodpecker,” the crow-size woodpecker has one of the most distinguishable calls and can do some real damage to dead trees and other wooden objects. There’s also Woodrow’s mate who plies the suet cakes as well. Later in the year, they will introduce their young to the bounty to be found out back of Jack and Chris’ house at the bird feeder.

They have been coming to our bird feeding station for several years and rank up there as one of our most admired and “special critters.”

If you would like to hear the call of a Pileated Woodpecker, go online to:

State Park Deer Management Hunt Applications

Starting July 6, hunters can apply online for state park deer management draw hunts at The online method is the only way for hunters to apply.

Applicants must possess any valid license to take a deer in Indiana at the time of the application, not including apprentice licenses. Applicants must be Indiana residents (or possess a valid lifetime license to take deer in Indiana) and be 18 years of age by the date of the first hunt. Once an application has been submitted online, information cannot be changed. Applications must be completed by the application deadline.

Primary applicants may apply by themselves or with up to two secondary applicants (also referred to as “buddies”). There is no preference in the draw based on whether the application includes buddies. If you have buddies listed on your application, you must supply their information on your application in order for them to participate. The information will include each buddy’s hunting license number and date of birth. Buddies must meet all age, residency, and licensing requirements of state parks deer management hunts. Each applicant may appear on only one application per hunt period. Applications close Aug. 17.

Hunters will be selected through a random computerized drawing. A link to view drawing results will be posted at after Aug. 31.

Firearm hunts include any firearm legal to take deer on public land in Indiana. Archery hunts include any archery equipment legal to take deer in Indiana, including crossbows.

Properties participating include Brown County, Chain O’Lakes, Charlestown, Fort Harrison (archery only), Harmonie, Lincoln, McCormick’s Creek, Ouabache, Pokagon, Potato Creek, Prophetstown, Shades, Spring Mill, Turkey Run, Versailles, and Whitewater Memorial state parks, and Trine State Recreation Area (archery only).

Early hunts are Nov. 16-17, and late hunts are Nov. 30 – Dec. 1. More information is available at

Registration For Reserved Hunts

Beginning July 6, hunters can apply for reserved hunts online by visiting The online method is the only way to apply. No late entries will be accepted. Applicants must possess a hunting license valid for the hunt for which they are applying.

Hunters will be selected through a random computerized drawing. Applicants will be able to view drawing results online within two weeks after application deadlines. An email will be sent to all applicants when the drawing is completed.

Applications for the following hunting opportunities open July 6 and must be submitted by 11:59 p.m. on Aug. 17:

Dove Hunt Draw: Applicants may select the desired date and property. Due to inclement spring weather, other crops may have been planted in place of or along with sunflowers. Participating properties include Atterbury, Goose Pond, Jasper-Pulaski, Kankakee, Kingsbury, Pigeon River, Glendale, J.E. Roush Lake, Willow Slough and Winamac fish & wildlife areas (FWAs).

Waterfowl Hunt Draw: Participating FWAs include Goose Pond, Hovey Lake, Kankakee, Kingsbury, LaSalle and Willow Slough. Province Pond Wetland Conservation Area and Monroe Lake will also be participating.

Deer Hunt Draw: Participating properties include Deer Creek Fish & Wildlife Area, Fairbanks Landing Fish & Wildlife Area, Tern Bar Slough Wildlife Diversity Conservation Area and Shrader-Weaver Nature Preserve in Fayette County.

Military/Refuge Firearm, Primitive and Archery Deer Hunt Draw: Properties participating include Camp Atterbury Joint Maneuver Training Center, Big Oaks National Wildlife Refuge and Mascatatuck National Wildlife Refuge. Please note that hunts on military/refuge properties may be canceled at any time.

Youth Firearm Deer Hunt: Muscatatuck National Wildlife Refuge will host one reserved youth firearm deer hunt.

Pheasant Hunt Draws: The Nov. 7 hunt is reserved for youth (ages 17 and younger) only.

Please note that only one application per hunt is allowed. No changes can be made once the application is submitted.

The application process is now consolidated into the online services website along with licenses, CheckIN Game, and HIP registration. An online account is not required to apply, but a Customer ID number is needed.

In the new system, hunts without a registration fee will follow the same process as hunts with a fee. For hunts with no fee required in order to register, applicants will be asked to “Add to Cart,” “Proceed to Checkout,” and “Place Order.” If the transaction total is $0, the applicant will not be asked to enter credit card information. Applicants must place an order to submit their applications.

To view draw hunt results, applicants can log into their online services account or click “View hunt draw results” at the same site they used to apply for the hunt. From that site, they should select “Click here” under Reserved Hunts to see the status of registered hunts. The link will only show upcoming hunts that an individual has registered for. Logging into an account online is required to see the full history of past hunt registrations, including previous years.

More information is available at:

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