Indiana’s state tree nursery in Vallonia will pay you to collect certain tree seed throughout the state if the seeds meet DNR specifications.

Each year the nurseries, part of the DNR Division of Forestry, plant millions of seeds to produce tree and shrub seedlings for conservation planting within the state. Each year much of the seed the nurseries use is supplied by collectors from all over the state. DNR Forestry pays seed collectors on the basis of “pure live seed.” The term means the seeds must be from the required tree species, and cannot be infected with disease or infested with insects.

DNR Forestry’s goal is to produce 2-3 million seedlings each year for conservation plantings. Because of natural factors, achieving the goal requires planting about 8.5 million seeds. DNR Forestry, which operates the nurseries, orchestrates statewide seed collection with the goal of diversifying the seed source. Such diversification allows the nursery to grow seedlings well adapted to grow into mature trees throughout the state.

Some of the seeds being sought include black oak, black walnut, pin oak, red oak, shumard oak, white oak, bur oak, chinkapin oak, swamp chestnut oak and swamp white oak.

Some pointers for collecting:

— Always call first to see if the seeds you plan to collect are still needed.

— Collect only seeds and fruit – no leaves, sticks, or trash.

— Keep species separate – if you’re not certain if two (or more) trees are the same species, keep them in separate containers.

— If you are not certain if you have the proper species, email a photo of the seed/fruit, leaves, bark, and twigs to the address below for identification.

— Most of the listed species are ripe and ready to collect when they fall off the tree.

— Healthy acorns (with the exception of bur oak) will fall free of the cap. Keep the seeds/fruit cool until you can deliver it to the office – an air-conditioned basement is good for a short period of time.

Jasper-Pulaski State Tree Nursery, 15508 West 700 North, Medaryville, IN 47281


Vallonia State Tree Nursery, 2782 West 540 South, Vallonia, IN 47281 812-358-3621

Man Injured In Tree Stand Fall

Indiana Conservation Officers are investigating a tree stand fall occurring the morning of September 7 on a property in the 3300 block of County Road 40 North in Angola.

Fifty eight year old Todd Austin of Fremont was preparing tree stands for the upcoming deer season. He attempted to climb into a tree stand when a strap on the climbing sticks attached to the tree broke, causing him to fall approximately 20 feet to the ground.

A friend who was helping him called 911. Austin was transported to Parkview Regional Medical Center in Fort Wayne via Steuben County EMS for treatment of his injuries.

Conservation Officers were assisted on scene by the Steuben County Sheriff’s Department, Steuben County EMS, and the Angola Fire Department.

With Indiana’s deer season approaching, Indiana Conservation Officers would like to remind everyone to always wear a full body safety harness and life line system to prevent falls anytime your feet are off the ground when hunting from an elevated stand and always check the condition of your equipment prior to use.

Dredging Closes Winona Lake Access Site

The Winona Lake Preservation Association has received a grant from DNR’s Lake and River Enhancement (LARE) program for a project on Winona Lake in Kosciusko County. The project will include a temporary closure of the public access site and ramp on the northwest side of the lake for about four weeks starting on September 11. The project involves the removal of sediment accumulated over time at various sites on Winona Lake. The sediment will be removed by hydraulic methods, and affected areas will be restored to historical depths. Three areas will be dredged using State and association funds.

Extreme caution should be exercised when boating on Winona Lake during the dredging.

During the project, a hydraulic dredge and pump line will be present. Due to the location of the dewatering basin, pump lines will be located at or near the surface of the lake and may stretch completely across the lake. The lines should be marked with buoys. Orange buoys mark the only location where lines can be safely crossed by watercraft.

A portion of funding for the project comes from annual LARE fees paid by registered motorboat owners and from the Winona Lake Preservation Association.

Maxinkuckee WCA Construction

Construction to replace a levee at the Maxinkuckee Wetland Conservation Area (WCA) will begin this month. A 27-year-old levee constructed on Kline Ditch has experienced recent failures. The current levee has been repaired many times in recent years, but replacement is required for a permanent solution. The wetland created by the levee will be lowered while the levee and spillway are being replaced. Once the new levee is complete, the wetland will be restored to previous levels.

The property will remain open during construction, which is expected to be completed by early winter. The public is being asked to avoid staging and construction areas until construction is complete.

The project is supported by a Lake and River Enhancement (LARE) grant awarded to the Lake Maxinkuckee Environmental Council. For more information about LARE, visit

Volunteers For Monroe Lake Shoreline Cleanup

A summer full of fun and recreation at Monroe Lake creates more than memories… it also results in a lot of trash! The lake needs your help to clean up the mess and create a more inviting habitat for both people and wildlife.

Volunteers are needed for Monroe Lake’s annual shoreline cleanup on Sunday, October 6 at 1:30pm. Volunteers will be transported by boat from Cutright SRA to different areas of the shoreline.

Advance registration for the cleanup is required by October 4 at, as space on the boats is limited to 80 volunteers. All volunteers must be at least 10 years old; ages 10-17 must be accompanied by a registered adult.

All volunteers will be returned to Cutright SRA by 5:30pm where they can enjoy a “thank you” cookout at the shelter.

The annual shoreline cleanup is coordinated by Monroe County Stormwater Services, Hoosier National Forest, City of Bloomington Utilities Department, Army Corps of Engineers Louisville District, and the Friends of Lake Monroe in partnership with Monroe Lake, an Indiana State Park.

Questions about the cleanup should be directed to Monroe Lake’s Interpretive Naturalist, Jill Vance, at or 812-837-9967.

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