South Decatur assistant coach Rod Martin speaks to the group of young Cougars at football camp on Monday.

South Decatur Cougars football coach Ken Wendling and his staff, as well as some of the varsity players, are hosting a youth football camp for the youngsters in the South Decatur school district. The camp is for kids that range from kindergarten to eighth grade and it runs all week from 6 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.

“We say the camp is for kindergarten to eighth grade, but basically anyone who is in the eighth grade or under is welcome to come out and participate,” said Cougar assistant coach Rod Martin.

Every day, the campers will be working on a different aspect of the game of football.

“Today we are working on the kicking part of the game,” said Martin.

“Everyone is going to get a chance to punt, kick field goals, long snap and kick the ball off a tee,” added Martin.

The practice starts with basic calisthenics to get the kids loose. Then they move on to basic drills to increase strength and quickness, before moving on to the individual aspect of the game they are working on that day.

Once everyone has had a turn on all the different stations, the kids remain in their groups (teams) and play a game called “Air Force.”

“Every day after we are done doing all the drills, we hold a contest we call Air Force for about 15-20 minutes, and the winners receive gift certificates for ice cream from Dairy Queen,” said Martin.

“Everyone gets something. We try to make it fun for the kids. We try to make the game fun for them to play,” added Martin.

Everyone that participates in the camp does get something. At the end of the camp, every kid will receive a camp T-shirt.

Besides the coaching staff, Coach Wendling received the help of several varsity football players to lend a hand for the camp.

Coach Wendling would also like to add that anyone who is interested in playing football for the Cougars this season should meet at South Decatur High School at 7 a.m. Monday.

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