BATESVILLE – Batesville residents are quick to help their neighbors. They even seek to help those in neighboring states.

A group of high school and adult volunteers called the TriForce Mission Team participated in Supports to Encourage Low-income Families’ (SELF) Neighbors Who Care: Home Repair program. They repaired homes in the City of Hamilton in Butler County, Ohio.

“This is a year-round, volunteer driven, home repair initiative which serves low-income homeowners mainly senior citizens, people with disabilities and families with young children,” SELF Community Relations Coordinator Rachel Sheets said.

The group of 40 high school students and adults worked with SELF from July 6 through July 10 and completed a total of 10 home repairs.

“This has been awesome because we didn’t expect this to happen with COVID-19 going on,” TriForce Mission Team representative Dave Meyer said. “These kids have just been amazing. You always hear about the bad things kids do, but you don’t hear enough about the good things. They are eager to serve the Lord.”

SELF and the TriForce Mission Team began working together after the Group Cares Foundation, which also repairs homes for those in need, postponed all of its 2020 work camps due to COVID-19.

The TriForce Mission Team still sought to donate their time to help those in need despite the cancellations.

“TriForce reached out to the Group Cares Foundation when the camps were cancelled and asked if they had any suggestions (on who to help). That’s when we were connected with them,” Sheets said. “The group was able to fulfill their goal while staying closer to home during a time when travel is considered somewhat dangerous.”

SELF appreciates the Triforce Mission Team for all of its efforts.

“We are so grateful these volunteers were able to travel to Ohio and work on outdoor home repairs during this especially difficult time,” Sheets said. “Wheelchair ramps and other improvements made by volunteers improve the quality of life for these homeowners with the added bonus of beautifying their homes and, in turn, their neighborhood. These mobility improvements ensure residents can safely enter and exit their homes, a task which many of us may take for granted.”

SELF, which is based in the City of Hamilton, was founded in 1995. The group is a private 501©(3) non-profit organization.

SELF offers additional programs to residents in the county it serves. These include financial literacy courses and job and life skills training programs.

“We aren’t strangers to working with volunteers from across the nation, however, this is the first time this particular group has ever served with us,” Sheets said. “We hope to see this group from Batesville in the future.”

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